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  • 22.12.17 0 Posted in Articles By Ideal Floor
    "We would like to thank you for your generous carpet donation to Country Cowboy Church. A simple "thank you" seems to fall short of conveying the depth of our gratitude. Words also fall short to explain the scope of what that donation meant to our church."Read More
  • 11.04.17 0 Posted in Our Floors By Ideal Floor
    See how the iDeal Floors installers remove carpet and tile and change the look of the house by adding wood floors through out!Read More
  • 31.03.17 0 Posted in Articles By Ideal Floor

    Laminate is fantastic for people with green living on their mind. Instead of running the risk of over-mining our natural resources, recycled paper comes together to create the look of this countertop option. Another great feature with this product is the limitless up cycling possibilities.

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  • 28.03.17 0 Posted in Articles By Ideal Floors
    At iDeal Floors we care about our community. That is why we created the iDeal Gives Back program. Each year we give back flooring to our neighbors who are in need of new flooring in their homes. Our goal this year is to give away $150,000 in flooring. You can get more information on this program here. We love to give back to our neighbors when they need it. Check out this letter from one of our awesome iDeal Gives Back recipients.Read More
  • 17.03.17 0 Posted By Ideal Floors

    iDeal floors loves being out in the community and helping to get beautiful flooring solutions in your home. But we are also an extension of the local real estate community. We make sure your Realtors have the perfect flooring referral for you!

    We meet with local real estate organizations to let them know what we offer and how we put your needs first.

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  • 25.02.17 0


    Posted in Articles By Ideal Floors
    When you hear fine arts, music collection, dance studio, interactive history wall, and Khan Pavilion, the first thing that comes to mind is museum. But this is no museum, it's the Ericsson Library in Downtown Dallas. Our floor hunter took a trip to get the lowdown on the floors of the Dallas Library.Read More
  • 30.01.17 0 Posted By Ideal Floors
    At iDeal Floors we believe in helping others by extending what we can to support members of our community. In 2016 our goal was to give $120,000 of flooring product and installation to homes that had the need for it, but otherwise would not be able to make this a top priority. We asked that a person in the home, family member or friend nominate a household who had this type of need. We were able to give away over $78,000 of that goal! Check out our numbers for our 2016 iDeal Gives Back Campaign.Read More
  • 16.01.17 0 Posted in Decor and Trends By Ideal Floors

    Ready to get your life back after the magical holiday season is over? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place for everything and everything was in its place? Between hosting everyone and acquiring more stuff, this season can leave your home a mess. We hope these tips will help get you back on track.

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  • 02.09.16 0 Posted By Ideal Floor

    The influence of Mexico on Texas interiors is often seen through some of our flooring choices. Ceramic tile flooring has a number of advantages that make it the perfect choice for homes in Texas, including availability of a variety of different patterns and color options as well as helping to regulate interior temperature during the hot summers.

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All Products (9)
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